Travel Hashtags for Twitter

Travel Hashtags for Twitter

In case you haven’t noticed, on Twitter hashtags are kind of a big deal. They’re everywhere, everyone is using them, and they can be REALLY good for business – if your business involves getting your tweets seen! In fact, Twitter have found that using a hashtag in a tweet can increase it’s engagement by almost 100% (source). But, what hashtags should you be using? To reach a relevant audience, it’s important to do some research and use the right hashtags to identify the subject of your tweet – try to find popular hashtags that will appeal to the kind of people you want to reach. In this post, I’ve broken down some of the most common travel hashtags for Twitter, to help you get your travel blog’s tweets found! Hope it helps…


Psst! Not sure what some of the terms I’m using mean? Check my Social Media Glossary for a breakdown.

Common Travel Hashtags on Twitter

These are some of the most commonly used hashtags relevant to travel! Use these hashtags on Twitter to get followers and to boost the engagement of your Tweets.

NB – Popularities are out of 100 and were taken from Hashtagify.

#travel – Popularity 81.2.

#holiday – Popularity 71.

#vacation – Popularity 68.9.

#traveling – Popularity 60.3. Apparently this one gets 99 posts per hour, based on a 1% sample (source). You can also use #travelling (the UK spelling) which is only slightly less popular (55.6). Try to use the one that will most appeal to your audience.

#TTOT – Popularity 68. Stands for Travel Talk on Twitter. Although it’s actually the hashtag for a popular Twitter Chat (more later), it’s also commonly used as an independent hashtag.

#wanderlust – Popularity 58.2. Generally used by people who are very keen to travel soon. Also used on inspirational travel posts that will give people “wanderlust”.

#RTW – Popularity 55.9. Stands for Round the World. Usually used to talk about long-term, multi-country trips.

#RTWsoon – Popularity 34.1. Usually used to talk about planning an upcoming Round the World Trip.

#RTWnow – Popularity 32.7. Commonly used by people who are currently on a long-term, multi-country trip.

#SMTravel – Popularity 39.7. Stands for Social Media and Travel.

#TWWT – Popularity 34.7. Stands for The Way We Travel.

#TRLT – Popularity 47.3. Stands for The Road Less Travelled.

#backpacking – Popularity 54.8.

#luxurytravel – Popularity 51.8.

#studyabroad – Popularity 51.4.

#cruise – Popularity 59.9.

— Kash Bhattacharya (@BudgetTraveller) April 20, 2016

Below are a few more popular Twitter hashtags that are relevant to travel. These are great ones to use to be more specific, especially if you are tweeting a photograph or a link to a blog post and want to describe what the content is about.

  • #adventure (67)
  • #beautiful (76.8)
  • #food (77.6)
  • #foodporn (72.4)
  • #hotel (68.5)
  • #nature (75.7)
  • #landscape (68)
  • #landscapes (63.4)
  • #luxury (68.6)
  • #photography (82.9)
  • #photo (79.5)
  • #PhotoOfTheDay (72.7)
  • #sky (69.2)
  • #skyporn (51.7)
  • #sunset (70.9)

If you know of any other great travel hashtags, share them in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list.  Back to top

Destination Specific Hashtags

Travel Hashtags for Twitter

Destination specific hashtags are a great way to appeal to other people interested in travel to that area. See below for some great examples…

#continent or #travel[continent] – Continent hashtags like #Asia are sometimes used more for news than travel. They’re quite vague, so it’s best to be more specific if you can (see below). For content that is about a continent in general rather than a specific country, you can target it with the word travel, such as #travelasia or #traveleurope.

#[country] – Using the country’s name as a hashtag, i.e. #India or #France.

#[city] – As above, such as #London or #Bangkok.

#[airport] – As above, such as #BKK or #Heathrow.

#[attraction] – Using the name of a site or tourist destination as your hashtag, such as #MachuPicchu or #Louvre. You could do this with museums, landmarks, and other destinations.

To find great destination specific hashtags, search for the tourist board for the country/region/city you are in and see what hashtag they’re using. It will usually be mentioned in their Twitter bio. If you use the tourist board’s hashtag, there’s a strong chance they’ll retweet you to what is often a huge audience. Plus many of these are really popular hashtags, with lots of people watching them; by using them you have a strong chance of being found by the fans of that destination.

Travel Hashtags for Twitter


For example, this year Visit Wales (@visitwales) are running a marketing campaign called Year of Adventure, and they’re using two hashtags for this: #FindYourEpic and #WalesAdventure. So if you’re tweeting about Wales it may be better to use those hashtags rather than (or as well as) #Wales.

It’s also worth checking the Twitter profile for any airports and attractions you’re tweeting about, to see what hashtag they use. Again, it will probably be mentioned in their bio. Back to top

Trending Topics

If you’re at a festival or event, especially one with world-wide attention, there’s a strong chance that even will be a trending topic on Twitter. So capitalise on the current popularity and use all the relevant hashtags – it will usually be the event name, such as #Holi, though it might include the date for clarification such as #Songkran2016.

Use a hashtag tracking tool such as Hashtagify or Hashtracker (see Twitter Tools) to see what hashtags are most popular and to find things that are trending now. You can also see what’s trending on Twitter’s homepage when you’re logged in; the trending topics are displayed on the left hand side below your profile information. Top tip: you can tailor the trending topics by location by clicking the “change” button:

Travel Hashtags for Twitter

Trending now in New York

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Travel Related Hashtags for Certain Days

There are also day-specific hashtags on Twitter that are really common and can be a great way to connect with accounts. For example, on Friday #FollowFriday or #FF is used by people to shout-out to their favourite Twitter accounts and encourage their followers to follow those accounts too. Some of the day hashtags are massively popular and may even trend on occasion. These are some of the most popular day-specific travel hashtags for Twitter…

Travel Hashtags for Twitter

#WanderlustWednesday – Wall by Hashtagify


  • #MexMonday – All about Travel to Mexico.
  • #MountainMonday – Posts about and photos of mountains.
  • #MondayMotivation – General hashtag that can be applied well to travel


  • #TravelTuesday or #TT – Speaks for itself.
  • #TipTuesday – Any and all tips.


  • #WanderlustWednesday – Posts about travel and wanderlust.
  • #WaterfallWednesday – Photos of waterfalls.
  • #WineWednesday – My favourite! Drink wine and post about it!
  • #Women2Follow – Recommend women to follow on Twitter.


  • #ThrowBackThursday or #TBT – One of the most popular daily hashtags. An excuse to post old photos or content, or just reminisce about past trips.
  • #ThirstyThursday – Posts about drinks (alcoholic or non alcholic).
  • #BeachThursday – Photos of beaches.


  • #FollowFriday or #FF – Recommend accounts to follow oas a way of thanking your followers or shouting out to your favourite accounts.
  • #FriFotos – Photos based around a weekly theme, which is announced on Wednesday by @EpsteinTravels.
  • #FlashBackFriday or #FBF – Like Throwback Thursday but less popular.


  • #SelfieSunday or #SS – An excuse to post selfies!
  • #SundayFunday – Quite general but can apply well to travel.

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Brand Travel Hashtags on Twitter

Several big brands have their own hashtag which you can use to get the attention of their followers or to engage with the brand itself. Some even offer re-tweets of the best posts using their hashtag, whcih can help you reach a huge new audience. These are some of the best brand-owned travel hashtags to use…

Travel Hashtags for Twitter

Lonely Planet use #LP

Skyscanner (@Skyscanner) – Their brand hashtag is #LetsGoEverywhere.

Lonely Planet (@lonelyplanet) – Use #LP for a potential retweet.

Society of American Travel Writers (@SATW) – Their hashtag is #SATW.

TBEX Travel Blog Exchange conference (@TBEXevents) – The hashtag is #TBEX. Also #TBEXEurope, #TBEXAsia and #TBEXNorthAmerica. More specific ones may be announced in advance of a convference.

Professional Travel Bloggers Association – Their hashtag is #PTBA.

Travel Massive (@travelmassive) – A growing community and network of travel bloggers and travel industry. The hashtag is #TRAVELMASSIVE.

If your brand has a great travel hashtag that people need to know about, share it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!  Back to top

Travel Related Twitter Chats

There are also numerous Twitter chats related to travel and tourism. A Twitter chat or Twitter party generally takes place on a weekly or monthly basis and will focus about a different theme or topic each week. Generally, the host or hosts will ask a series of questions tagged Q1, Q2 etc and featuring the chats hashtag. Participants will then answer each question, tagging their answers with the same hashtag and starting them A1, A2 etc…

I have a separate post for the full list of Travel Twitter Chats, but I’ve listed some of the biggest ones below. Use the World Clock to work out what time they are where you are!

#ExpediaChat – All things travel, with a different topic every week. Wednesday’s at 6pm GMT – 60 minutes – check the calendar of events for more info. Hosted by @Expedia.

#TTOT – Travel Talk On Twitter: The travel community’s biggest Twitter chat. Twice every Tuesday at 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT – 60 minutes. Tuesday at both 9:30am and 9:30pm (GMT). Various hosts and topics, check the TTOT Facebook Page for more info.

#GirlsTravel – The first-ever travel-themed Twitter chat exclusively for women. Mondays at 6pm GMT – 30 minutes. More info.

So, that’s my ultimate guide to the travel hashtags you should be using on Twitter. If you have any hashtags you’d like to recommend, or you want to ask a question, feel free to leave a comment below! Back to top

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Travel Hashtags for Twitter


  1. Useful # section Emily. I’m trying out brand # this week on Buffered posts. Many of the tourist boards seem to be going the way of Sco and Wales – Slovenia is #ilovesLOVEnia which is pretty clever! And I do love Slovenia.

  2. Thanks for this research. I use mostly travel and ttot and LP sometimes. I will check the other post on twitter chats. I always promise myself to get more involved but then I always miss these travel chats. Also Couchsurfing account usually is very generous with retweets according to my experience

  3. An awesome post and so comprehensive – I had absolutely no idea what tott stood for. I am useless with hashtags but this has certainly helped! *heads off to Twitter* Sim xx

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