24 of the Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers are one of the nicest blogging communities. We all like to help each other out because we recognise that we’re stronger together. It can be hard to find other bloggers to connect with, but luckily there are some amazing Facebook groups for travel bloggers out there.

These give bloggers the chance to meet each other, connect, and help each other out in a variety of ways. It’s a nice way to meet like-minded people. I met some of my best blogging friends in these groups! And there’s a lot of support, which gives you a chance to learn and grow as a blogger.

These Facebook groups are a great place to get started as a travel blogger as you can really learn a lot. They can provide a great forum to help each other out with collaborative posts or social media sharing. They’re also helpful for long-time bloggers, as there’s always something new to learn in blogging.

Below are some of the best Facebook groups for travel bloggers – and only travel bloggers – that I’ve found.

Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

Facebook Groups to Boost Social Media Growth
Blogging Advice Groups
Best Facebook Groups for Pinterest
Groups for Link Swaps and Guest Posts
Facebook Groups for Instagram
Facebook Groups for Snapchat
Groups for Meeting Bloggers and Travellers

Don’t forget to check the group descriptions for joining instructions before clicking request! 

NB – when I talk about a “thread”, this means a post within the group which opens up a topic of debate or reciprocation of some kind, which people can then join by commenting on that post. If you aren’t sure about any of the terms used in this article, check my Social Media Glossary!

Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers to Boost Social Media Growth or Shares

Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group

Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group – First up is my Facebook group, which I launched with fellow travel blogger Adrian Ann after deciding that none of the others matched our very high standards! In short, it’s all about meeting travel bloggers and helping one another to grow. The Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group does what it says on the tin, really: bloggers get together in daily threads to help share or comment on social media and blog content. We also have a notice board for collaboration posts, and a weekly Q&A.  NB – You need to email your blog URL to facebookgroup [@] letsbetravelbloggers.com once you’ve requested to join. 

Under 1000 Club

Under 1000 Club – This was the first Facebook group for travel bloggers I ever joined (nostalgia!), and I’m pleased to see it’s still going strong. As the name implies, it’s aimed at people who have less than 1000 likes on their Facebook page, but I don’t think this is too strict. They have threads once a week for bloggers for a variety of things, including blog comments and social media shares. New members can also introduce themselves and their blogs, which makes it a great way to meet fellow bloggers and maybe get some new followers. NB – You need to message the admins before you can join.

Awesome Bloggers

Awesome Bloggers – “Awesome Bloggers unite bloggers to help each other increase social shares + blog traffic.” Daily social media threads where you can link up to get shares, comments, likes, follows, etc. NB – you need to sign up on the VIP list if you want to join the group. 

Circle of Travel Bloggers

Circle of Travel Bloggers – Recommended by Marge Gavan in the comments; “All travel bloggers can join. It is strictly for social media exchange only and the members are small so it’s easy to reciprocate.”

We Travel We Blog

We Travel We Blog – “This is a community for beginning to intermediate travel bloggers, for those wanting to take their travel blog to the next level.” They have social media sharing threads throughout the week.

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Best Facebook Groups for Blogging Advice

Next Level Travel Blogging

Next Level Travel Blogging – “We are a community of travel bloggers who are serious about levelling up our blogs and growing organic search traffic through link building, learning from each other, sharing ideas, and collaborating.” Whilst this group also focuses on things like social media shares and link swaps, I love them for the learning opportunities. They run things like Pinterest challenges, threads to request feedback on a new blogpost, and ask people to share anything new they learnt about travel blogging. It’s a great place to meet other bloggers, ask those burning questions, and get feedback.

Bloggers Bazaar Community

Bloggers Bazaar Community – “A group designed to work through the weekly challenges on Bloggers Bazaar, ask design questions, get blog feedback and present ideas for new things you would love to learn and are struggling with in relation to your blog.”

Blog Society

Blog Society – “This group is for bloggers, small business owners or creatives looking to connect, learn and share advice on blogging & creative biz.” A space to ask questions, share ideas, and reach out for collaborations.

The Aspiring Travel Writer

The Aspiring Travel Writer – I’m not a member of this one, but it was recommended by Maria Abroad who says it’s an awesome group. They say: “This is a page to ask questions, share ideas and support each other in the travel blogging world.” Self-promotion is not permitted, but there is a Friday Free For All thread to share your blog posts in.

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Best Facebook Groups for Pinterest

I’m a huge Pinterest fan. It’s my second-biggest traffic source after search engines and it’s such a great way to discover new content. Here are a few of my favourite Pinterest-specific travel blogger Facebook groups…

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Pinterest For Travel Bloggers

Pinterest For Travel Bloggers – This group is all about growing your Pinterest following and generating more Pinterest-driven traffic to your blog. Every day, they post a thread for Pinterest repins. By taking part, you’ll get about 40-60 repins (depending on how many people join in that day), and find loads of great new content to read. It’s win-win. I love this group, and it’s really helped boost the reach of some of my pins.

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Subscribe for more tips straight to your inbox!

MapPin Monday

MapPin Monday – Run by Pinterest expert Nienke Krook, MapPin Mondays has a weekly repin Pinterest sharing thread that gets great engagement. There’s also a group Pinterest board which has over 510K followers – pretty big reach so it’s well worth joining. “Our mission is to unite travellers, travel bloggers and other travel industry professionals on Pinterest, creating the biggest resource of quality travel content with personal travel tips and recommendations.”

Ultimate Pinterest Group for Travel Bloggers

Ultimate Pinterest Group for Travel Bloggers – Much like “Pinterest for Travel Bloggers”, this group runs daily sharing threads, weekly ‘tips’ threads, and Question and Answer Threads. It’s another great place to boost the reach of your pins and get help with growth etc.

Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest – “This group is designed to help travel bloggers grow their blog through Pinterest.” Again, daily threads to get more repins. The group is hosted by Claire Kennedy, and by joining you’ll also gain access to all her Pinterest mini-courses and webinars.

pinterest resources for bloggers

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Best Facebook Groups for Link Swaps and Guest Posts

Travel Blogger Link Swap

Travel Blogger Link Swap – Run by the lovely Gemma from Make Traffic Happen, this is a group that allows you to find other travel bloggers with which to exchange links to your content. It’s self-policing and there are no admin-posted threads. Simply post a shout-out when you’re looking for

Travel Collab Post Opportunities

Travel Collab Post Opportunities – Find guest posting and collaborative post opportunities, or post ads to find people to take part in your own. You need to message the admins to join.

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Best Facebook Groups for Instagram

Instagram Posse

Instagram Posse – Recommended by my fellow admin Gemma Armit of Two Scots Abroad. This is a huge group that’s for all serious Instagram users – not just travel bloggers.They say: “Through targeted research and experience, we work together to develop and employ Instagram marketing tactics that are catalysts for growth.”

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Best Facebook Groups for Snapchat

SnapChat for Travel Bloggers

Snapchat for Travel Bloggers – This is a pretty small group at the moment and again it’s very specific. Members can ask questions, seek advice, and share useful information about using Snapchat as a travel blogger. A great place to learn more about Snapchat and connect with some awesome bloggers.

Best Facebook Groups for Meeting Bloggers and Travellers

Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Globe – This group isn’t strictly for travel bloggers, as it’s aimed at all women who love to travel, but there is a lot of helpful stuff there. People can post questions – travel or blogging related – and other members answer them. There’s a really strong community in this group, which is lovely. I especially like to use it to find people to help with collaborative posts I’m working on – or to find posts to join. People also advertise great opportunities here including the occasional media trip, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it.

We See the World Bloggers

We See the World Bloggers – “We See the World Bloggers (formerly Where in the World Bloggers) is a space for us to share tips on travel, blogging, life, etc. It’s a friendly and non-judgemental space for bloggers of all levels!” Whilst it’s not a self-promotional group, you’re allowed to share links to posts that you think would greatly benefit the majority of the group. 

Travel Addiction

Travel Addiction – A group for lovers of travel and a great place to meet fellow bloggers. You’re allowed to share one link per day – but don’t think of this as a good place for self-promotion. It’s more about networking.

Let There Be Travel

Let There Be Travel – “Let There Be Travel is a diverse travel community of globe trotters and jet setters.” They run meet-ups every other month in Los Angeles, and plan to start having some in other cities (if you are interested in being a city ambassador you can message the admins.)


Travelettes – “Travelettes is an online magazine/ travelblog/ network for and from girls who love to travel.” The Facebook group is for female travellers looking for tips, advice and inspiration. 

Girls LOVE Travel

Girls LOVE Travel – Another Facebook group just for female travellers (where are all the boys only groups I wonder?)! “This isn’t just a Facebook group – we are a sisterhood / a community to assist you with growing your travel bucket list, finding others to explore the world with, and help empower you with safety and support when you are out travelling!” Again, no self-promotion except in a weekly “toot your own horn” thread.

Female Travel Bloggers

Female Travel Bloggers – Does what it says on the tin, really. A community for females (or females part of a male-female duo) who have their own travel blog and want to connect with others.

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If you know of an awesome travel blogger Facebook group that’s not on this list, leave a comment with the link and I’ll check it out! 

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Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers


  1. Wow Emily! Came across this as you shared on the Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group (which I joined after reading one of Gemma’s post) and I’ve found it so useful. Just gone on a mass group request rampage on facebook haha! It was sooooo useful! Will also Pin it on to my Pinterest Blog board now 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sally! Glad you found it helpful. I know that Facebook groups were REALLY helpful when I was getting started with my blog (they still are, although I have less time to join in than I’d like). So I thought it’d be handy to help other bloggers find the best groups. I’m sure there are loads more but these are the ones I know of and am a member of 🙂

  2. Great list you have here and I am a member of some of these groups like the first one. There is one I’d like to promote (with your permission of course), it is fairly new. My friends and I created it few months ago, it’s called Circle of Travel Bloggers. It also promotes social media exchange. All travel bloggers can join. It is strictly for social media exchange only and the members are small so it’s easy to reciprocate. 🙂

  3. This is SUCH a helpfup post! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this. I’m a newbie travel blogger (not newbie blogger, have been doing it professionally for over 5 years) and I am trying to break into travel so this is super helpful!

    • Thanks Christine! Some of these travel blogger groups are great for newbie bloggers. I loved the Under 1000 Club when I was getting started out 🙂

  5. Great post Emily, I am already a member and viewing some of the FB groups and they have been fantastic. Gonna try some of the other tips of here. Great advice and keep up the great work Emily 🙂

    • Thanks Danik! I think Facebook groups are so helpful for bloggers and it’s a great way to feel part of the larger community. Plus I’ve met a few of my favourite blogging friends through these groups 🙂

  6. This is a great subject! You just compiled the most important places to hang out on FB if you’re a travel blogger. Personally I didn’t know about a few of them. Thanks. Greetings from Sahara Desert!

    • Thanks João! I’m a member of all these ones, although I’m not always active. I think Facebook groups are absolutely the best way for bloggers to feel like part of a community and help each other out 🙂

  7. This is superb.. It almost opens up a new world of bloggers for me..

  8. This is a wonderful list. Can you imagine, as a novice to the travel blogging world, and blogging in general, i had no clue that so many facebook groups were out there to help me with my blog and meet like minded people 🙂

    • Ah I’m so glad it’s helpful! I love all these groups – they’re so good for meeting other bloggers. And honestly, I don’t think I’d ever have reached where I am today if it wasn’t for collaborating and learning with other bloggers 🙂 Good luck!!

  9. women travel groups

    Great list of groups. Keep it up. I am so glad that you shared this. I like the first group. I will join these groups for sure as I am a travel lover.

  10. Thanks so much for this post, I checked out a bunch of the groups and they are amazing 🙂

    • Ah that’s great news! I love some of these groups – they can be a great way to boost your blog reach and get new tips and info 🙂

  11. Wow this is great. You can also add this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelafricamarketplace/ Great for travellers.

  12. Thank you so much for this Emily. I am completely new to blogging, but love it. It is very early days for me, but I get a real kick out it when someone follows my blog. I now need to put a little effort into building an audience. I have been on FB for several years, but am new to other social media channels. This post is really helpful.

  13. I know this post is older but I just wanted to say thanks for all these links! I’ve been blogging for a few years now and really want to step up my connections with other bloggers! I’m joining all of these asap 🙂

  14. Love Quotes and Instagram Captions

    Great list of groups. Keep it up. I am so glad that you shared this. I think Facebook groups are absolutely the best way for bloggers to feel like part of a community and help each other out

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