The Best Pinterest Resources for Bloggers

The Best Pinterest Resources for Bloggers

Pinterest is the second highest source of traffic for my main travel blog (Emily Luxton Travels) after search engines. It sends me more traffic every month than Facebook and Twitter combined, and the real beauty is that content on Pinterest is everlasting. I get steady traffic to some of my oldest posts thanks to pins that are still being shared every single day today. It is SUCH a valuable tool for bloggers.

Over the past 8 months, my site has had 5.5 times more referrals from Pinterest than it had in the whole of last year. That’s thanks to a combination of serious effort, some great design tools, and a lot of research. I can’t help you with the first one, but I can share with you all the research I did and tools I found. So, here’s a round up of the best guides, articles, blogs, tools, and other Pinterest resources that I’ve discovered in my quest to kick ass at Pinterest…

Getting Started With Pinterest

Set up Your Business Account – Set up your business account and confirm your website to get access to Pinterest Analytics and to add your site’s logo to all pins from your site. You can also set up Rich Pins…

Set Up Rich Pins – Rich Pins show a post’s metadata on any Pins from your website. It can really boost engagement and will make your pins stand out. FYI – the most relevant rich pin for bloggers iss the Article Pin and that’s what I recommend using.

How to Set Up Rich Pins – Setting up Rich Pins is an extremely complicated business. Luckily, there’s a simpler way using the Yoast SEO plugin. This is a great quick guide to how that works!.

Pinterest Guides and Advice

Dream.Pin.Go Blog – Nienke Krook is the travel blogger and Pinterest expert behind the Facebook Group* MapPin Mondays. I saw her talk on Pinterest at TBEX this year and she’s got some great information. There are tons of really useful posts about Pinterest on her Pinterest-specific blog and there’s a travel industry focus. This is probably everything you need to know about Pinterest! (Ps – how many times can I say the word “Pinterest” in one paragraph?”) 

*Find the best travel blogger Facebook groups for Pinterest in this post

pinterest resources for bloggers

Best Practice Guide – A great free PDF guide from Pinterest for Business. They cover a lot of the basics in brief, so this is a great place to start. Plus there are some great tips for creative best practices, how to rank higher in Pinterest search results, and how to make your website more pinnable.

Pinterest for Travel Bloggers – An awesome, in-depth post from one of my favourite travel bloggers, Gemma (Two Scots Abroad). She covers a lot of the basics so this is a great starting point.

How You Can Use Pinterest To Grow Your Online Business – A really handy post from Canva’s design school blog with some Pinterest Best Practices.

How to Get the Most Out of Pinterest – If you sign up to blogging guru Melyssa Griffin’s newsletter you get access to a great free library of resources – including a fab Pinterest eBook. It’s mostly a sales pitch for her Pinterest course but there are some helpful tips in there.

How to Grow Your Business with Pinterest – A webinar series from Pinterest covering four great topics: Getting started with Pinterest Promoted Pins, Campaign Optimization, Analytics and Ads Reporting, and Pin Creative Best Practices. Lots of helpful, easy to understand information.

Pinterest Power – Free Pinterest course by Summer Tannhauser. You get five short videos all about how to create the best pin strategy to get yourself traffic. I took this course recently and still learnt a few new things!

Pin Design Advice

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes – Does what it says on the tin, really. Updated regularly to keep up with any changes, this list tells you the optimum image sizes to use across the main social media networks.

Canva’s Design School – The design school from Canva is one of the best free resources I’ve come across. They feature FREE online courses that are really helpful, as well as FREE tutorials and guides for using Canva. Plus there’s an amazing blog packed full of handy articles about design, social media marketing, font pairing, colour selection, and more. And it’s all free! Just one of the reasons I bloody love Canva!

Pin Creative Best Practices Webinar – Quite basic but some great advice for creating pins. “Find out how brands design Pins that are helpful, engaging and inspiring—and that ultimately drive more business their way. Pick up practical tips for how you can apply Pinterest creative best practices to your existing marketing assets.”

How to Make Great Pins Guide – A great PDF guide from Pinterest with some quick tips for creating and designing pins.

11 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images – An amazing, detailed guide to creating images from the social media gurus at Buffer. Lots of really handy information in here so make sure you check it out if you’re creating your own pins.

Ultimate Guide to Canva for Creating Viral Pin Images – A nice, easy to use guide by Summer Tannhauser as part of her free Pinterest Power course.

Pinterest Resources: Design Tools

Canva – Free and Premium (from $9.95 a month). As mentioned above, I bloody love Canva. They’re a free online design tool that can be used for just about anything. They have preset templates with the optimum image sizes for each social media. And they have that amazing design school mentioned above. The free version has pretty much everything you’ll ever need, but Canva for Work has some great features if you’re serious about building a brand.

Be Funky – Free and Premium (from $2.91 a month). Another online design tool that looks very similar to Canva. I haven’t tried it myself but it’s been recommended by a few fellow bloggers.

PicMonkey – Free and Premium (from £3.75 a month). Yet another online design school that’s been recommended to me. It’s particularly useful for photo editing and quick touch ups (like covering up a sneaky spot) and for creating collages. Can also be used to create title images.

Photoshop – From £8.57 a month. Back when I was a penniless photography student, Adobe Photoshop used to cost hundreds of pounds! Now, you can subscribe to the Creative Cloud Photography Plan for less than a tenner a month and get the Photoshop and Lightroom desktop and mobile apps. Photoshop is the absolute best photography editing tool (in my humble, photography-degree-substantiated opinion) on the market. Well worth subscribing if you’re serious about photography.

Illustrator – From £17.15 a month for a single app. Or, you can get all 29 apps (including Photoshop) for £45.73 a month. Illustrator is a graphic design tool that lets you create vector art. Can be used to build infographics, logos, illustrations, typography, and more.

*If you’re an absolute beginner check out Adobe’s great beginner tutorials for Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom. In fact, check them out even if you’re not an absolute beginner. 

Infographic Design Tools – Free and Premium (From $19 a month). An online tool to create charts, infographics, and data visualisations.

Venngage – Free and Premium (From $19 a month). An online tool to create simple infographics from a selection of templates.

Pinterest Scheduling Tools

Buffer – From $10 a month. This is the app I tend to use, simply because I already use it for my Twitter accounts so the cross over was easier. It’s probably the easiest Pinterest scheduling tool to use. There’s also a great browser extension which really speeds up the process.

BoardBooster – From $5 a month. Boardbooster is a tad more complex than Buffer. It’s only for Pinterest, and can be pretty tough to get your head around, but it has great analytics tools and some really unique features. As well as pin scheduling it offers pin maintenance, a group board manager, pin looping, and campaigns.

The Best Pinterest Resources for Bloggers

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Tailwind – $15 a month – and get $15 credit if you use my link to sign up. This is another really popular tool for Pinterest scheduling. Again, it’s only for Pinterest, and it’s pretty complicated at first. But again there are some great extra features like a built in photo editing tool. And the analytics are really good.

My tip: Buffer is a great one to start out with, especially as you can use it with all your social media accounts. It’s so easy to use! Once you’ve started to get the hang of Pinterest, you can consider switching to one of the more complex management tools to get more features.

Where to Find Great Travel Content on Pinterest

Looking for things to re-pin, or just after some travelly goodness to whet your Wanderlust? Here are some suggestions for finding awesome travel content, and some great examples of how to do Pinterest right…

11 Pinterest Travel Boards You Should Follow Right Now – This round-up of travel boards by AFAR magazine is a great place to start.

National Geographic – The NatGeo Pinterest account is jam-packed with stunning travel photos.

Flickr – The photo-sharing giant has a great Pinterest account and some awesome travel related boards.

Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers

Some of the best travel related group boards to join. If you know of a great group board for travel bloggers on Pinterest scroll down and leave a comment so I can update the list!

*Follower counts were correct as of 27/08/2016.

MapPin Mondays – 510K Followers

Everyone’s Creative Travel Spot – 77.8K Followers

Best Travel Blogs – 8.9K Followers


Travel Bucket List – 4.6K Followers

Got another great Pinterest resource, guide, or tool that you think should be included in here? Scroll down to leave a comment and I’ll get it added! 



  1. This is wonderful, Emily! I love Pinterest and I’m working hardcore trying to be sucessful at it (it has not been an easy ride but truly worth all the sleepless night pinning!)

    Since you have asked, I have one Pinteresr guide:

    It is most useful for people who are having troubles creating stunning Pins. I chose Canva as the tool because I think it is by far the easiest option for beginners! 🙂

  2. The best resource (or tool) I found so far for Pinterest is need to download anything to your PC..simply configure it once n hit the start button once and it does the rest.
    Free to use, mobile optimised, Pin Scheduler, Speed control, Intelligent content detection algorithms..the features’ list goes on and on… definitely worth a mention in the list 🙂

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