Welcome to Let’s Be Travel Bloggers! I’m Emily, a full-time travel blogger who’s decided to turn my experience and knowledge into a handy database for fellow bloggers and influencers. This site is all about blogging and social media from a travel perspective. (Keep scrolling to find out what qualifies me to give advice!)

As a full-time blogger, I often get approached by newcomers and fellow bloggers asking for help and advice – which I love to give! But, I’m finding that more and more people are asking the same questions, and I’m giving the same answers over and over. So, I decided to set down all those answers in a series of posts – which will hopefully prove helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about travel blogging.

A Quick Note…

I’ve seen a lot of sites set up lately along the lines of “how to travel the world full time and live the dream as a travel blogger just like I do“. They’re usually flogging an e-book or e-course of some kind, and they’re oftenone of the main ways that the site’s owner is making money – so in reality those sites are what’s helping those travel bloggers “live the dream”. This isn’t going to be one of those sites. I’m not here to sell you a dream, or to make money from pedalling that dream – I’m just here to share my advice.

In fact, let me tell you right now that travel blogging is not a dream career and there are far easier and more lucrative ways to make money on the internet which could still be done whilst travelling the world. The biggest and most valuable piece of advice I can give you about travel blogging as a career is this: you should only try to make it as a full time travel blogger if you genuinely love the actual act of blogging itself. If you love it as a hobby and want to turn your passion into your career, go for it. If you just want an easy way to make money online, blogging isn’t it.

What This Site is all About…

This site isn’t necessarily for people hoping to make money from blogging. It’s simply for those people who really do love travel blogging and want to take their blog seriously. I’ll be covering things like:

  • How to run a professional travel blog.
  • How to use social media to get more traffic.
  • How to build a more engaged audience on your blog and social media, and become an “influencer”.
  • How to work with brands and get invited to blogger events or press trips.
  • How to monetise your travel blog.

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About Emily – Experience and Qualifications…

What qualifies me to dish out advice about travel blogging?

Well, I’ve been running my own blog – Emily Luxton Travels – for over four years, and since January 2015 I’ve been doing it full time. Blogging and freelance writing are my only sources of income, and I’ve managed to turn travel blogging into a career. Although I’m not rich yet (watch this space), I’m making a fairly decent wage which supports my lifestyle of full time travel. Although I don’t consider myself a blogging expert, I have learnt a lot over the years – through trial and error, research, online courses, and from attending blogging conferences and events – so these days I do know a lot about blogging and social media. Here’s a bit more about my experience and qualifications…

Travel Blogging – I’ve been awarded Travel Blogger of the Year four times in the past three years, most recently by Bloggers’ Lounge. I’ve been running my main travel blog for over four years, and launched a second, smaller, blog in mid 2014. Both blogs continue to grow every month and enjoy steady traffic.

Photography – I have a BA(hons) degree in photography from Southampton Solent University in the UK, so unlike a lot of people dishing out advice online I actually do know a thing or two about photography!

Writing – Alongside blogging, I’ve been working as a freelance writer for over a year. I have sold articles to a number of websites, and most recently worked with LATAM Airlines providing 18 articles for their new travel blog. Check out my Portfolio to see the full list of my freelance work.

Social Media – I’ve been running the social media for my blog for over four years, have attended numerous talks and online seminars about social media marketing and growth, and have accumulated a great deal of knowledge. I have also done some freelance work as a social media manager for several companies, including Vietnam Visa.

Press Trips and Comped Travel – To date I have been invited on a number of blogger press trips, with companies including Discover Greece, Mark Warner Holidays, and the Catalan tourist board. I was a member of the Blogtrotters Greece team in July 2015, and a part of the high-profile #Blogmanay campaign for Edinburgh Hogmanay. I’ve also worked with huge numbers of travel brands, hotels, spas and more on comped travel in exchange for blog reviews and social media campaigns. So, I have a lot of experience surrounding pitching brands, working with PR companies, scoring invites, and going on press trips.


For the most part, I’m running this site out of the the goodness of my heart (like a Disney princess or something), because I want to put all the knowledge I’ve picked up to good use. But, a blogger’s got to eat, so I’m going to be straight up with you and confess that I’m also planning to make money from this site – but never from selling my advice!

Some of the links I include to products/services that I’m recommending may be affiliate links. This means I’ll make a small commission if you click on that link and then sign-up or buy something, without affecting the price you pay. I only use affiliate links for things that I would genuinely be recommending anyway, and I’ll always mention at the bottom of the post if an affiliate link is included. If you decide to make a purchase based on my recommendations, please help keep me in coffee and Haribo and use my affiliate links!

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